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UF College of Medicine Guarantee Issue Disablity Insurance Plan

The GME long-term disability program is administered by Abentras, a professional brokerage firm under contract with GME. West Wingate is completely versed on the intricacies of the UF GME group and conversion policies; and is available to answer your questions, compare this policy and outside policies, and see how to best serve the needs of the residents and fellows, whether during residency, or at program completion. A resident considering any long term disability product is encouraged to take advantage of this service before purchasing outside coverage.

Please be advised that if you choose to apply for coverage outside of the GME disability program and that coverage is issued with limitations or even declined, you may be ineligible to participate in the GME disability conversion program.

Abentras representatives are the only representatives authorized by the insurance carrier and GME to provide this conversion product.

Coverage While In Training

While a full time member of the UF Housestaff, you are covered under the University of Florida’s group disability income plan:

  • Residents and Fellows pay no premiums for this coverage while in training.
  • Plan is offered by the Standard Insurance Company, AM Best A rated company.
  • Monthly disability benefits payable beginning the 91st day of disability.
  • Benefits generally are payable to age 67 as long as you remain disabled.

Coverage At Completion of Training

Individual Disability Conversion Highlights:

  • Guaranteed Issue – Up to $15,000 per month without evidence of medical insurability.
  • Own Specialty definition of disability.
  • Level premiums guaranteed.
  • Annual Cost of living adjustments included while disabled.
  • Substantial premium discount exclusively for GME Residents and Fellows and unisex rates apply for the life of the policy.

Plan Offered by Abentras and Standard Insurance Company