IRS Clarifies When Expenses Can Be Reimbursed Under Dependent Care FSA

On March 31, 2020, the IRS issued information letter Number 2020-0002 that addressed a question concerning whether a dependent care FSA under a Section 125 plan could reimburse an employee for expenses incurred before they became a participant in the plan.

The IRS reminded the employer that expenses incurred before an employee becomes a participant in the plan are not eligible for reimbursement under the plan. The plan can only pay or reimburse for substantiated expenses incurred on or after the date the employee enrolls in the plan.

Information letters are not legal advice and cannot be relied upon for guidance. Taxpayers needing binding legal advice from the IRS must request a private letter ruling. While the letter does not provide any new guidance, this letter does provide general information that may be helpful to employers with questions on this particular topic.

Letter No 2020-0002 ยป

Source: NFP BenefitsPartners

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