DOL Offers Temporary Relief to Multiple Employer Plans with Annual Reporting Failures

On July 24, 2019, the DOL issued Field Assistance Bulletin No. 2019-01, which provides temporary penalty relief from certain Form 5500 filing requirements for multiple employer plans (MEPs) subject to Title 1 of ERISA. Generally, MEPs file one Form 5500 that aggregates the data of the underlying participating employers.

However, in 2014, Congress added Section 103(g) to ERISA, which requires MEPS to include a list of names and EINs of participating employers and a good faith estimate of the percentage of total contributions made by each employer for the plan year. Unfunded or insured welfare plans must also specify the participating employers, but do not need to include the contribution information.

The DOL initiated enforcement action in 2019, upon recognition that a significant number of MEP filings in recent years had failed to fully comply with the ERISA Section 103(g) requirements. Following a dialogue with MEP plan sponsors, some of whom objected to the release of the employer-specific data, the DOL reiterated its position that such data is public information and must be open for public inspection.

Before proceeding with further civil penalty enforcement actions, the DOL is offering transition relief to MEPs who voluntarily comply with ERISA Section 103(g) by providing complete and accurate employer information for the 2017 plan year or any prior plan year. Specifically, the DOL will not reject such filings or assess civil penalties solely for the failure to include the ERISA Section 103(g) employer details, provided the plan’s 2018 Form 5500 complies with the requirements.

Additionally, for 2018 calendar year plans, which have a July 31, 2019 Form 5500 filing deadline, the DOL granted a special two and a half month extension to comply with ERISA Section 103(g). The special extension requires only the selection of a designated box on the Form 5500; however, the filer can also complete the standard Form 5558 to request an extension. The relief is also available to MEPs that already filed the 2018 Form 5500, provided the filing is amended by October 15, 2019.

Affected MEP sponsors should review previous Form 5500 filings (beginning with the 2014 plan year) to determine if the ERISA Section 103(g) required information was provided. Sponsors who failed to specify the necessary employer details on past filings can voluntarily provide such information and take advantage of the available penalty relief.

For the 2018 plan year, MEPs on extension (either through the special extension option or the Form 5558) should ensure the required employer data is attached. If the 2018 Form 5500 was already filed without the complete ERISA Section 103(g) data, relief under this guidance is still available to sponsors who amend the form to include the missing employer specifics prior to October 15, 2019.

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