Compliance Services

Abentras Compliance Services

Simply Compliant

We keep your benefits program compliant by:

  • Calculating Actuarial Value of current plans to ensure future plan compliance
  • Calculating Plan Affordability of current employee salaries vs. cost of coverage
  • Displaying all mandatory employee notifications and capturing employee acknowledgments (Summary of Benefits and Coverage, Marketplace Notice, COBRA, CMS, ERISA)
  • Reviewing and/or obtaining all required plan documents (Section 125 pre-tax, ERISA Wrap, Doc, HRA, HSA)

Moving forward, our processes and team will keep our clients compliant by:

  • Educating the educator and your employees about the ACA
  • Calculating MLR rebates (percentage of Employer and Employee rebate)
  • Calculating exact annual health insurance premiums for W2 reporting requirements
  • Providing employee benefit plan data to satisfy IRS reporting requirements for Large Group Informational reporting (Forms 1094-1095)
  • Provide a Department of Labor Audit preparation kit, containing all required plan documents, notices and acknowledgments
  • Accommodating the pending “Auto Enroll” requirement
  • Capturing employee acknowledgements on mandatory notifications and procedures

Abentras Cobra

Additional Services

As part of our turnkey service package, we provide our clients with the following services at no cost:

  • COBRA Administration Outsourcing – Use of our partner COBRA administrator Discovery Benefits
  • CMS Filing – we will file both annual and renewal plan filings with CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
  • IRS FORM 5500 Filing – we will prepare signature-ready 5500 filings for all employee benefit plans we administer for your group benefit program

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