CMS Issues Toolkit for Insurers re: COVID-19 Vaccines

On January 7, 2021, CMS issued a toolkit designed to assist insurers and Medicare Advantage plans in covering the COVID-19 vaccine. The document focuses on issues that issuers must consider, and includes:

*A list of operational considerations for issuers and Medicare Advantage plans as they design their approach to promoting COVID-19 vaccinations and information.
*A summary of legislative and regulatory provisions applicable to issuers.

The toolkit also contains advice on how to streamline vaccination coverage and how to maximize the number of enrollees who get vaccinated. It also includes an important reminder that, although the cost of the vaccine itself is paid for by the CARES Act, the costs of administering the vaccine by a provider will be paid for by the payer, such as a private insurance company or Medicare in the case of an Medicare Advantage plan.

Employers who have self-insured plans, as well as those who are fully insured, should be aware of this information.

CMS Toolkit ยป

Source: NFP BenefitsPartners

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