Abentras Access

Abentras Access

Abentras Access

Through this web-based platform, we conveniently provide our clients with a reliable platform for benefit shopping, enrollment, management and industry standard data exchange. By Abentras using this proven and trusted platform, we can reduce costs, provide market advantage and improve customer satisfaction.

Laptop Secure

AbentrasAccess houses and communicates the following employee information in a secure online environment:

  • Employee Demographics
  • Emergency Contact Data
  • Occupation-Related Data
  • Current Plan Year Enrollment & Information
  • Open Enrollment Options & Details
  • Dependent Benefit Enrollment
  • Beneficiary Assignments
  • Evidence of Insurability Tracking
  • COBRA Participant Tracking

Track and Monitor

Track And Monitor

Abentras Access also retains historical plan, rate, employee and dependent enrollment data so you can always track and monitor plan costs from year to year as well as what your employee population enrolls in from year to year. This valuable information can be useful for compliance as well as future program modeling.

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