2019 Federal Poverty Levels Announced

Earlier this month, HHS announced the 2019 federal poverty levels (FPL). The guidelines for the 48 contiguous states is $12,490 for a single person household and $25,750 for a four person household. The guidelines are different for Alaska ($15,600 and $32,190, respectively) and Hawaii ($14,380 and $29,620, respectively).

The FPL plays an important role under the ACA. Individuals who purchase coverage through the exchange may qualify for a premium tax credit if their household earnings are within 100 percent to 400 percent of the FPL. Employers wishing to avoid a penalty under the employer mandate may use the FPL affordability safe harbor, which means the cost of an employee’s required contribution for employer sponsored coverage does not exceed 9.86 percent (for 2019), up from 9.56 percent (for 2018), of the single person FPL. This means that the FPL affordability safe harbor threshold in the 48 contiguous states for 2019 would be $102.62 per month, which is $12,490 divided by twelve and times 9.86 percent. As a reminder, the FPL safe harbor is only one of the affordability safe harbors; the other two are the rate of pay and Form W-2 safe harbors.

Employers should consider this adjustment to the FPL when determining whether their coverage is affordable, especially if they’re using the FPL affordability safe harbor. The 2019 FPL is applicable beginning Jan. 11, 2019.

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