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Abentras Access

Through this web-based platform, we conveniently provide our clients with a reliable platform for benefit shopping, enrollment, management and industry standard data exchange. By Abentras using this proven and trusted platform, we can reduce costs, provide market advantage and improve customer satisfaction.

AbentrasAccess houses and communicates the following employee information in a secure online environment:

  • Employee Demographics
  • Emergency Contact Data
  • Occupation-Related Data
  • Current Plan Year Enrollment & Information
  • Open Enrollment Options & Details
  • Dependent Benefit Enrollment
  • Beneficiary Assignments
  • Evidence of Insurability Tracking
  • COBRA Participant Tracking

AbentrasAccess also retains historical plan, rate, employee and dependent enrollment data so you can always track and monitor plan costs from year to year as well as what your employee population enrolls in from year to year. This valuable information can be useful for compliance as well as future program modeling.


Consolidated Invoicing

Abentras will provide you one invoice with one consolidated premium payment due.
We handle the rest. It’s just that simple!

Your consolidated invoice is itemized to reflect all of your employee/benefit packages, yet simplified to eliminate time wasted in your department each month with the hassle of keeping track of updates, reconciliation and multiple payments. You’ll love Bille.

Our software program Bille has revolutionalized the ease in which we can consolidate your monthly premium billing.

As part of our turnkey service package, we provide our clients with the following services at no cost:

  • COBRA Administration Outsourcing – Use of our partner COBRA administrator Discovery Benefits
  • CMS Filing – we will file both annual and renewal plan filings with CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
  • IRS FORM 5500 Filing – we will prepare signature-ready 5500 filings for all employee benefit plans we administer for your group benefit program

Compliance Services

We keep your benefits program compliant by:

  • Calculating Actuarial Value of current plans to ensure future plan compliance
  • Calculating Plan Affordability of current employee salaries vs. cost of coverage
  • Displaying all mandatory employee notifications and capturing employee acknowledgments
    (Summary of Benefits and Coverage, Marketplace Notice, COBRA, CMS, ERISA)
  • Reviewing and/or obtaining all required plan documents (Section 125 pre-tax, ERISA Wrap, Doc, HRA, HSA)

Moving forward, our processes and team will keep our clients compliant by:

  • Educating the educator and your employees about the ACA
  • Calculating MLR rebates (percentage of Employer and Employee rebate)
  • Calculating exact annual health insurance premiums for W2 reporting requirements
  • Providing employee benefit plan data to satisfy IRS reporting requirements for Large Group Informational reporting (Forms 1094-1095)
  • Provide a Department of Labor Audit preparation kit, containing all required plan documents, notices and acknowledgments
  • Accommodating the pending “Auto Enroll” requirement
  • Capturing employee acknowledgements on mandatory notifications and procedures

Abentras Analytics

Abentras understands the need to not only collect data, but to also utilize it properly. With the implementation of another convenient Benefitfocus tool at our disposal, Benefit Informatics, we will consolidate all of your healthcare data into one convenient location. Furthermore, we help users understand and control benefit costs by creating cost transparency.

Abentras Analytics can:

  • Integrate – Bring together multiple data sources
  • Analyze – Identify cost drivers and trends
  • Forecast – Create “what if” models
  • Monitor – Evaluate claims data on an ongoing basis

Once your benefit plans are selected, we provide personal one-on-one tutorials.

Team Tutorial

Team tutorials are provided for your company administrator(s) and/or employees on how to use our convenient software applications for online enrollment and management, explain the processes, guide you through the different insurance options open to you and answering any questions. Furthermore, we can provide an online webinar to assist in educating your employee base on how to easily navigate the automated online enrollment process.

We’re with you every step of the way!